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Internet in Businesses. Starting Kit

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The course aims to teach students how the Internet has changed the way businesses work and communicate with their customers. Thanks to the course, students will learn which tools are used in today...
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The course aims to teach students how the Internet has changed the way businesses work and communicate with their customers. Thanks to the course, students will learn which tools are used in today's digitised businesses and their day-to-day operations.

Diploma of accreditation

Upon completion of the course, a Diploma will be issued.


The course / material of Internet in Business. Starting kit is in English and has a duration of 1 to 3 months (380 hours).

General Objectives

Communicating with customers and other businesses has changed dramatically over the past century. It started with print, then radio, television, phone, and fax, and now all of us are operating in the fastest medium yet—the Internet. The future is bright for businesses that utilize the Net as a primary medium of communication and sales. The number of Internet users and the amount of business done online around the world is growing at a staggering rate. The world’s population currently holds well over 1 billion Internet users, and the majority of these web-savvy humans have online access at home. They research, study, e-mail, chat, download podcasts, and shop online.

New media support groups hasten the learning curve of the average Internet user, a factor that earlier had hindered the speed at which consumers feel confident enough in their own understanding of the Web to make money-related decisions based on their own online research. The time is now for everyone to get online. In our lifetime, “newbies” will cease to exist.


    Getting the Point Across
    Storefront Development Options 
    ASP Storefront Model 
    Storefront Software Packages 
    Program and Develop Your Own Storefront 
    Storefront Features 
    Shopping Cart.
    Purchase Notification .
    Inventory Management Integration
    Client Database Management 
    Integrated Mail List 
    Searchable Product Database
    Thumbnail Image Capability
    Customer E-mail Notification
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    Shipping and Delivery Options
    Coupons, Discounts, and Special Offers 
    Technical Support 
    Affiliate Programs
    Payment Processing Methods
    The Advantages of Taking Online Payments
    Acquire an Internet Merchant Account.
    What Level of E-business Is Appropriate for You?
    E-business Level 1—Interactive Order Taking 
    E-business Level 2—Taking Electronic Payment
    E-business Level 3—Storefront Selection and Payment
    E-business Level 4—Total Integration 
    Closing E-business Comments
    Profiles of Top Internet Business Concepts 
    1. Ad Network.
    2. Apartment Locator
    3. Art Supply Store
    4. Association Management
    5. Auction Site 
    6. Auto Advice
    7. Banner Ad Designer 
    8. Beauty Products 
    9. Blog Software/Blog Directory
    10. Bookstore
    11. Business Opportunity Center 
    12. Business Broker
    13. Business Plan Writing Service
    14. Cartoon/Joke Writer
    15. Classified Ads
    16. Collector Store—Rare Books and Records Finder 
    17. Commercial Cleaning 
    18. Community Events Web Site 
    19. Concierge Service
    20. Cookbooks and Recipes
    21. Copywriting 
    22. Coupon Site 
    23. Craft Store
    24. Custom-Made Calendars
    25. Custom-Printed Products
    26. Cybermall Owner/Operator
    27. Desktop Imagery
    28. Dining Guide 
    29. Direct Marketing/Direct Mail 
    30. Do-It-Yourself Site 
    31. E-Books 
    32. Educational Products 
    33. Electronics Store 
    34. E-Mail Reminder Service 
    35. Employment Agency 
    36. Event and Meeting Planning 
    37. E-Zines (Online Magazines) 
    38. Fundraiser 
    39. Genealogy Research 
    40. Gift Baskets
    41. Gift Registry (Online Wish List)
    42. Graphic Designer 
    43. Health Guide 
    44. Hobby Store 
    45. Hotel Guide
    46. Hunting and Fishing Supplies 
    47. Image Consultant
    48. Information Broker 
    49. Interior Design 
    50. Mail List Service
    51. Map and Tourist Information 
    52. Market Research
    53. Monogramming
    54. Movie Review Site
    55. Music Center 
    56. Newsletter Developer.
    57. Online Coach
    58. Online Flower Store 
    59. Online Modeling Agency
    60. Online Promotion Company 
    61. Online Resort Directory
    62. Party Planning and Supplies
    63. Photo Display Site
    64. Podcasts and Podcast Directory 
    65. Photography 
    66. Press Release Developer 
    67. Press Release Distribution Service
    68. Printing Service
    69. Private Investigator/People Finder
    70. Professional Organizer
    71. Public Relations Specialist 
    72. Real Estate Site 
    73. Resume Writing Service
    74. Rubber Stamp Business.
    75. Search Engine Optimization Service
    76. Search Engine Submission and Monitoring Service 
    77. Seminars Online.
    78. Senior Services 
    79. Sign-Making Service
    80. Small Business Resource Center
    81. Software Download Site
    82. Sports Equipment, New and Used 
    83. Survey Service 
    84. Tourist Information Center
    85. Trade Show Directory
    86. Training/Speaking
    87. Transcript Service
    88. Translation Services 
    89. Travel Consultant
    90. T-Shirt Design
    91. Tutoring Services 
    92. Used Computer Sales
    93. Virtual Assistant
    94. Virtual Makeover 
    95. Web Design
    96. Webmaster 
    97. Web Radio 
    98. Web Site Review 
    99. Wedding Products
    100. Weight Loss Service 
    101. Who’s Who Directory


    The course is primarily distance learning through written materials, with ongoing communication via email.

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